KOOL Online Lookup System

KOOL – Kentucky Offender Online Lookup


Please read the information below carefully before entering the KOOL system!

The Kentucky Department of Corrections provides the information in the KOOL system as a service to the public. The Department does not guarantee the accuracy of all information in the system. Entries and updates to improve accuracy are done daily in order for the public to have the information that current technology and public resources will allow.

Search for an inmate who is currently incarcerated in a Kentucky State Prison.

NOTICE: Offender data newer than 120 days might not have been finalized.


VINE – Victim Information and Notification Everyday

VINE is an automated notification system that alerts victims about changes in the custody status of an offender. The system includes data from county jails, prisons, mental health facilities and juvenile detention centers. VINE will alert you by phone and/or e-mail when an offender is released, transferred from a county jail, escapes, or has an upcoming parole hearing. To access VINE call 1-800-511-1670 or visit www.vinelink.com

Victim Advocate
Victim Information and Notification Everyday
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